Cosmetic Artistry serving the greater New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas

Applications Include: Airbrush/ HD/ Organic/ Traditional

Temporary tattoos/ Body painting

MUA Consultant/ personalized attention and lessons to help makeover you and your cosmetic collection

Host a makeup party where you and your girlfriends will learn valuable tricks of the trade, receive personalized attention complete with step by step application lessons, and staple items every girl should have in her makeup bag ; 0 )

Email Inquiries Directed to  Amarie@bigprimpinNY.composter info high resprom high res

juicy-lipspromo toolscu stashinglot

5 thoughts on “SERVICES

  1. I know should be concerned about getting too much sun, but I hesitate to get a spray-on tan because my past experience with tanning creams was not good. Can you give me the inside information about spray-ons?

    • Most sprays are sugar based and one hundred percent harmless to the skin, however they can leave staining on white sheets, towels, clothing, etc… if you decide to spray, which I highly recommend, then avoid white or light colored clothing for the first 24 hrs. and wait at least 6 hrs to shower after you’ve sprayed to let your skin absorb the color. check out the website for more tanning tips.

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