Sainara to Fake Nails:

Let’s face it, acrylic tips, silk wraps, gel extensions, etc. all went out of style a long time ago with scrunchy socks, stirrups, satin  jackets, and shoulder pads. However, it seems to be hard for a lot of women to let go and get used to not wearing them. But why?

Let’s assume that one of the main reasons women, like myself,  insist on having synthetic nails is to preserve the life and look of their manicure; low and behold, there’s a happy medium, SNS, Signature Nail System. It’s a fairly new product available to the manicurist world, so I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to it at my local nail boutique, Nail Fetish, located on Middletown Rd in Nanuet, NY.

SNS is great for a number of reasons, for starters it’s part of the whole Green Movement in that it’s entirely organic, 

Our company provides all organic nail care products, natural and healthy to your real nails. No odor, no liquid, no primer, no UV light, much thinner than other products, light weight, easy to do and more importantly,  helps our clients’ nails grow out stronger and healthier.”

But that’s not why I like it. I’m faithful to SNS because it’s by far the fastest synthetic nail process I’ve ever experienced to date; it literally air dries within two minutes, there’s no sitting and waiting! Another reason I’m an advocate of this product is because it looks totally natural and I was never a big fan of those fake nails.

Okay, I’ll admit, I went through a phase of neon acrylic tips, then I moved on to the pink powder gel combo, and the pricey permanent french LCN manicure. I was hooked for a while. I even almost liked the newest innovation, the gel-polish manicure because it was the closest I came to having natural nails that didn’t chip for weeks, however the process was time consuming and the damage to the natural nail despite what nail techs want you to believe, was extreme. But the worst part was that after about a week they started to look dull and crappy so I wasn’t even getting my money’s worth.

So when my manicurist Tina suggested SNS I was skeptical at first but I’ll try any product at least once. My hands are in and out of water constantly at work and my nails hold up, they look freshly manicured 24-7 with SNS and I honestly fill them every two sometimes even three weeks.

I contacted SNS company recently to try and provide you with a list of places where you can find the product, as it is hard to find, so hopefully the next time you check back this will be updated. I’d even suggest mentioning the product to your manicurist in an attempt to encourage their salon to sample the system.

SNS set after 21 days

So skip the fake tips, let your nail beds heal and try something new for a change. If you can’t bare to be au natural, at least keep the tips short.

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